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Marian K. Suah (a.k.a Foxy Black)


It is absolutely unbelievable but surprisingly true that indeed mama Liberia is really producing some talented and outstanding inspiring young entertainers. Yes! There are good things that do come out of our entertainment industry.

As the entertainment industry is gradually exhaling towards adding more value and creativity into its limelight, so is also one very extraordinary young lady  who is also very determined to get a taste of the pie!

Couple Andrew and Aretha Campbell captured 3 awards for their feature film, “Somewhere in Baltimore”.

Some Liberian cultural symbols (Courtesy: Shabuta Arts Center)

LIFE: 2013 Was Expressive; Let 2014 Be Cohesive

The Year 2013 in Liberia’s cultural and creative sector can be likened to a baby having sprouted a few teeth.  And though the teeth might not yet be strong enough to chew, you would definitely feel the pain of the baby’s bite if you put your finger in its mouth.  Ouch, sharp new teeth!  Indeed, it has been a year with displays of tremendous potential and audacious activities that have many anticipating what creative flair the year 2014 will have. 

DJ Blue, DJ Master Queen and Hazem Harb

Hott Fm Celebrates 3 years of Existence


Commonly known as “The people’s station,” Hottfm 107.9 celebrated its 3rd year anniversary on Dec 28, 2013 by hosting a 3 day b-day bash extravaganza.

Described as being one of the most reliable, entertaining and politically drawn in radio stations in Liberia by a recent survey conducted online, Hottfm has a lot to be grateful for this year, especially for it’s fan’s.

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Concludes:


The tension that concluded the morning session was discernible when the afternoon session began. Judge Martina Yuo leaned forward on her bench and said, “Counselor Doe will begin his cross-examination of Officer Jackson Payne,” and then relaxed in her chair. She followed it up by dropping her glasses in front of her and it made a slight echo.


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