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A Refined Image of Liberia

When asked to describe Liberia in one word, many people choose to portray Liberia as being “war torn”.

But the war is over. Gone are the days where Liberia is seen as a broken structure that was once thrown off the face of the earth and has now been abruptly placed back.

Liberia has been seen through the eyes of women, children, men and boys who know the days and nights of poverty, frustrating infrastructure, unseen development and is now seen through the eyes of those who want to make their country a better place.

Honesty Oscars 2014: ‘Pot Not Boiling’ Song Contends for Best Activist Anthem

This week before the Academy Awards, February 24 to 28, and Accountability Lab will unveil a category for our Honesty Oscars 2014, an award that honors not Hollywood films, but the creative work of activists and organizations that fight global corruption.  And raising the LIB’s morale on this international stage are the artists that made the Pot Boiling Remix famous, as the song contends for the top prize in Category 3 (Best Activist Anthem)  of the Honesty Oscars 2014.    Vote for your favorites, and the winners will be announced on Oscar night, Sunday, March 2

Soul Fresh

Soul Fresh Presents…

The male Hip-Co rap group Soul Fresh, which is made up of two talented friends, has finally stepped out of its shell and will be hosting a marked two day surprise performance on February 22-23, 2014.

“The best of Soul fresh music”, all of the best tracks that Soul Fresh has put out since 2007 including their new hits, will be performed live at the Royal Plus in Painesville on February 22, 2014, and also at Miami Beach on February 23, 2014.


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