The Best Professor Wilson Tarpeh Can Do

Dear Mr. Editor,

My writing is in reaction to Professor Wilson Tarpeh’s claim that his association with an opposition political party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is responsible for withholding funds that should come to the University of Liberia (UL) to reopen, something he says is leading to his resignation as vice president for Fiscal Affairs.

Dual Citizenship: Liberians Everywhere Take Pastor Kortu Brown to Task

The Pastor of the New Water in the Desert Assembly (NWIDA), Reverend Dr. Kortu K. Brown, in an article published on our front page yesterday and in our online edition, called on “ordinary Liberians” to stand up against dual citizenship to avoid what he called “recreating the age-old Americo-Liberian Country divide” that plunged the country into a bloody coup and a devastating civil war. But Pastor Brown received swift reactions from Liberians at home and abroad as the following Letters to the Editor from the paper’s online edition indicate. —Editor.

Election Now?

Dear Mr. Editor:

I would like to have some input into the discussion regarding holding elections in the midst of the EBOLA epidemic.

EBOLA is a very serious threat to our society and deserves to be prioritized rather than following strict rules not designed to cater to such an emergency. Let us deal with the emergency and later such matters can be carried out as normal. It is a matter of constitutionality versus a health emergency and the whole world is watching the matter with utmost interest.

My Birthday Mixed with Disheartening

Mr. Editor:
One of the best treats you could give me on my birthday will be to publish my views in your widely read newspaper. Thanks for the space.

Today Friday, November 14, 2014 marks my 50th birthday anniversary, but I am observing this milestone in my life with mixed reactions.

Indeed, I am grateful to God for sparing my life to see this day, but I am also imbued with excruciating pains to see the dreadful trend in which Liberia, our mother land is taking.


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