My Unlawful Detention at Salem Police Depot


Dear Mr. Editor:

On April 10, at about 12:30am, I was on my way home on the Airfield, just three blocks away from the Police Depot  and came in contact with two vehicles parked on the road with no place for commuters to pass. I waited for two minutes for one of the vehicles to move so I could go home, but to no avail.

I finally touched the cars so that the occupants could be aware that they had blocked the road.



April 2, 2015

Dear Madam President:

Happy Easter to you and your family and all good will Liberians worldwide.  As we Christians celebrate the most memorable time of the year, where our Lord willingly paid a price He did not owe, I hear the melody “IF I CAN HELP JUST ONE SOMEBODY THEN MY LIVING ON THIS EARTH WILL NOT BE IN VAIN”.   

Nine years ago, I had the opportunity to visit a distant 13 year-old relative who had a cardiac problem at the Peace Ward at JFK.  However, next to her was another child of the same age and same diagnosis. 

Pastor Kortu Brown Responds to His Critics on Dual Citizenship

I read with interest the Daily Observer’s Editorial of Thursday, March 05, 2015, entitled: “Dual Citizenship: Look Up and Forward, Pastor Brown – not Down and Backward” and Letters to the editor captioned: “Dual Citizenship: Liberians Everywhere Take Pastor Kortu Brown to Task” in the same publication, page 5, largely accusing me of being “stupid,” “idiot,” “playing the ethnic card,” etc. because I dared to express my VIEWS on the current debate on dual citizenship in Liberia.

The Best Professor Wilson Tarpeh Can Do

Dear Mr. Editor,

My writing is in reaction to Professor Wilson Tarpeh’s claim that his association with an opposition political party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is responsible for withholding funds that should come to the University of Liberia (UL) to reopen, something he says is leading to his resignation as vice president for Fiscal Affairs.

Dual Citizenship: Liberians Everywhere Take Pastor Kortu Brown to Task

The Pastor of the New Water in the Desert Assembly (NWIDA), Reverend Dr. Kortu K. Brown, in an article published on our front page yesterday and in our online edition, called on “ordinary Liberians” to stand up against dual citizenship to avoid what he called “recreating the age-old Americo-Liberian Country divide” that plunged the country into a bloody coup and a devastating civil war. But Pastor Brown received swift reactions from Liberians at home and abroad as the following Letters to the Editor from the paper’s online edition indicate. —Editor.


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