Printing More Money Out Of Thin Air

The Editor,

The decision to print more money represents a clear and present danger to the Liberian economy and its people!! (Re "House Approve Printing of Additional Money," Daily Observer)

When a government prints more money without a corresponding increase in its economic output, it unleashes hyperinflation. And hyperinflation debases your currency.

Memo to economically-illiterate Liberian Lawmakers: Look, we all know that you people (Lawmakers) think money grows on trees and you have the power to "issue currency" (Article 34-d) out of thin air....

Mohamed Lavalie

Letter to President Sirleaf

Ref: Liberia’s representation and leadership to the maritime world must be the true reflection of the country’s maritime history, prospects and the sum of the professional quality and expertise within the ranks of its citizenry.

Dear Madam President:

Leroy Wolah rose through the program to become a power saw operator but was injured in a motor accident traveling from Sinoe to Monrovia. Currently hospitalized at JFK, the hospital says he has to be flown to Ghana or Ivory Coast to rehabilitate his twisted spine.

Joshua Milton Blahyi (middle), himself an ex-war general, began a rehabilitation program for ex-fighters and other vulnerable youth. The organization’s farm is located in Sinoe.


Madam President, officials of the Liberian government, members of the diplomatic corps and Liberia's numerous development partners:

Please accept our compliments and this letter as a formal introduction to The End Time Train Evangelistic Ministry (ETTEM).

ETTEM is a Non-Profit, faith based organization established by Evangelist and former war general, Joshua Milton Blahyi, to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached and the reached through humanitarian projects, evangelism and crusades.


Liberian Observer

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