Open Letter to President Obama

I write to thank you for your compassion and commitment to justice at home and abroad. As president you have taken many initiatives at home and abroad to support and defend both citizens and foreigners who feel their rights have been violated. Examples include your support for rebels in Libya to overthrow their government. You have armed rebels in Syria fighting to overthrow their government. You also recently requested all school districts across America to allow transgender individuals to use bathrooms based on their gender identity, not their sex at birth.


Dear Mr. Editor,
Reference your Editorial “Who Will Rebuild Fortesville” – 21 April 2016 edition. While expressing profound gratitude for having drawn the St John River Community into sharp focus at the national level, I should perhaps expand your compilation of SJR notables, with your indulgence. As you state, the SJR Community has produced a number of prominent sons and daughters – many of whom have served with distinction, and passed to eternity – among them are:

Printing More Money Out Of Thin Air

The Editor,

The decision to print more money represents a clear and present danger to the Liberian economy and its people!! (Re "House Approve Printing of Additional Money," Daily Observer)

When a government prints more money without a corresponding increase in its economic output, it unleashes hyperinflation. And hyperinflation debases your currency.

Memo to economically-illiterate Liberian Lawmakers: Look, we all know that you people (Lawmakers) think money grows on trees and you have the power to "issue currency" (Article 34-d) out of thin air....

Mohamed Lavalie

Letter to President Sirleaf

Ref: Liberia’s representation and leadership to the maritime world must be the true reflection of the country’s maritime history, prospects and the sum of the professional quality and expertise within the ranks of its citizenry.

Dear Madam President:


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