Open Letter the Minister of Justice

July 16, 2016

Hon. Cllr. Frederick Cherue
Minister, Ministry of Justice
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Minister Cherue,

I am deeply gratified on behalf of myself, several civil society organizations (CSOs), community-based groupings, the marginalized, victims of injustice, the oppressed, the suppressed and the depressed to congratulate you on your official and unconditional ascendancy as Attorney General and Minister of Justice at this crucial period in which the nation’s justice system is being criticized.

Letter to Malia and Sasha Obama – Weeping Voices in Dying Valleys

Dear Malia and Sasha:
With esteemed hospitality and a great degree of compliments, we want to heartily welcome you and your mom along with her entourage to Africa’s oldest and the world’s second black republic. Liberians, especially teenage girls, are glad to have you (Malia and Sasha) visiting a rich, but yet poor country like
Liberia. Receiving such a high-power delegation led by the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, is historic and worthwhile.

Create Society DATABASE to Enable the Distribution of Goods and Services

Dear Editor,

I am a Liberian who have just returned from Germany to resettle back home and help contribute to the brain gain of Liberia.

I am very thankful to the people and leaders of Liberia who have made it possible for peace and security to return. I think it is the responsibility of all Liberians to come home with some caveat that can help build the minds of the society.

Letter to the Editor

Legal & Business Consultants
Lansdawn at Fort Norris
2nd Floor
12 Broad Street
Monrovia, Liberia

May 31, 2016

Mr. Kenneth Y. Best
Publisher and Manager
Daily Observer
ELWA Junction, Paynesville
P. O. Box 1858
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Mr. Best;

The Security Council Will Decide in December 2016 on the Future of UNMIL

Sir, your front-page article, “UNMIL Not Ending until Post-2017 Elections” (19 May edition) misrepresents an important point covered in the interview with reporters at your offices on 18 May.

During the interview, I clarified that UNMIL is not closing on 30 June 2016, which is the deadline for Liberia to assume full responsibility for its own security.


Liberian Observer

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