Happy 75th birthday Mr. Kenneth Y. Best. And Thank You!

Anytime the opportunity comes to write about Kenneth Y. Best, I push the responsibility to Cherno Baba Jallow, also a former reporter for Kenneth Y. Best’s Gambian Daily Observer. For some reason I always feel like I am not educated enough or wise enough to write about Best. I even fear I might misspell a word and thus tarnish his image and legacy.

Celebrating Kenneth Y. Best’s 75th Birthday!

Greetings Mr. Best,

I congratulate you, on your 75th birthday, and wish you many more years of celebrations. I was asked by Fatou Jaw Manneh to contribute a brief reflection, in honour of your 75th birthday. In celebration of your 75th birthday, Fatou wanted to show (share with) her readers why you are so “special” to your friends and (former) colleagues at the *Daily Observer*.

My Take on the 75th Birthday Anniversaries of President Sirleaf and Publisher Kenneth Best and LBS Fundraising

Mr. Editor,

I am pleased by the gestures of both President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Managing Director/Publisher, Kenneth Y. Best, to have their 75th birth anniversaries dedicated to two worthwhile public causes that directly impact the lives of especially the ordinary people: that is the Omega Market Project and the West Point Town Hall Construction, respectively.


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