Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor

Sick Judges are Abandoned

Expressing his disbelief in a statement last Monday, Judge Peter Gbeneweleh of Criminal Court “C,” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, openly accused the Executive Branch of the government of failing to provide financial assistance for ailing judges to seek advanced medical treatments outside of the country.

 Judge Gbeneweleh made specific reference to the ailing Judge Geevon Smith, who is undergoing treatment at a hospital in the United States of America.

Suspended Cllr. Jones and his client Madam Bindu Fatumata Dukuly

Cllr. Jones’ Trouble Deepens

After five years suspension from practicing law for misapplying US$62K entrusted to him by his client, Cllr. Marcus Jones has again fallen into trouble with another client, Madam Bindu Fatumata Dukuly.

Madam Dukuly’s latest complaint not only pertains to Cllr. Jones, but includes the Jones and Associates Law Firm, which she has filed with the Supreme Court for investigation for alleged ethical misconduct against her by both the law firm and Cllr. Jones.

Temple of Justice

Gov’t Challenges Court in US$10.7M Vehicles Debt

The court is yet to come out with a definite decision more than two months after government lawyers challenged the legality of the Commercial Court to hear a US$10.7M vehicle debt lawsuit brought against them by Lebanese businessman, George Haddad.

If the court rules that it has jurisdiction, it means that it would proceed into the merit of the case, which may likely compel government to pay US$10.7m debt owed Mr. Haddad, a judicial expert hinted to the Daily Observer.

Former Sinoe County Senator Mobutu Nyenpan

Ex- Senator Nyenpan Entangled in US$6M PUP Web

Prosecution’s sixth witness who testified yesterday in the ongoing misapplication of  US$6m Private Use Permit (PUP) case, alleged that former Sinoe County Senator Mobutu Nyenpan gave elders of Tartweh Drapoh Chiefdom LD$50,000 to sign the social agreement with a logging company, Atlantic Resource to operate under the PUP in the community.


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