Finance Minister Amara Konneh

Konneh May Face Contempt Charge

After publishing in several newspapers their disagreement with the ruling of the Civil Law Court, which held Finance Minister Amara Konneh liable and ordered him to pay US$1.65m in damages to his dismissed Large Tax Payer Director, Eric Nagbe, the Minister may likely face contempt charge for his action.

Speaking to journalists yesterday at the Temple of Justice, Nagbe’s lead counsel, Arthur Johnson said, they are thinking of filing their complaint for what he claimed as “Konneh crossing the line of the sub-judice rule.”

Convict Shirat Nalwadda at one of her hearings

Gov’t Blocks Ugandan Convict’s Deportation Order?

Government lawyers, from all indications, have reportedly blocked the deportation of Shirat Nalwadda, a Ugandan woman, who was convicted for the unlawful possession, trafficking and distribution of narcotic drugs in Liberia.

Nalwadda was issued a deportation order in early 2014, after Judge Blamo Dixon sentenced her to four years imprisonment, and ordered the government to ensure that she served her sentence in her homeland, Uganda.

Mr. Youjaa Korkor, FRTUL Nimba Interim President; the burnt truck

FRTUL Threatens to Sue Motorcyclists Union

The Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL) is threatening to take her sisterly organization, the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union, to court over what FRTUL calls disgruntled behavior of commercial motorcyclists, the latest of which included the burning of a 10-wheel truck in Ganta over the weekend.

Mr. Konneh and Eric Nagbe

Minster Konneh Liable for US$1.6m Damages

Having dismissed and accused his Audit Director for Large Tax Payers, Eric Nagbe, of receiving a US$30,000 bribe to reduce three companies’ taxes, Finance and Development Planning Minister Amara Konneh was on Friday found guilty and ordered to pay US$1.65m in damages for libel.

Giving the court ruling, Judge Johannes Zlahn, who served as both judge and jury at the trial, declared that “the oral and documentary evidences produced clearly established that Minister Konneh’s action inflicted serious damages and defamed Nagbe’s reputation.”


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