Dismissed FDA Managing Director, Moses D. Wogbeh whose lawyers are seeking US$6m PUP case to be dropped

Lawyers Fight to Dismiss FDA’s US$6M PUP Case

Lawyers for four dismissed Frostery Development Authority (FDA) managers and a senior surveyor from the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy are fighting to convince Judge Peter Gbeneweleh of Criminal Court “C” to drop the US$6m case against their clients.

Judge Gbeneweleh is serving as both the judge and jury, because the defense team chose to wave their rights for a jury.
The judge will decide on Wednesday whether or not he will drop the charges against the defendants.

Sky Insurance in Trouble Over US$3.5m Bond

Sky Insurance Company, one of several companies authorized to bail people out of jail, has fallen in trouble to the tone of US$3.5 million after seven of the ten persons whose bond it secured failed to show up in court for their case yesterday at the Temple of Justice.
The defendants were former employees of the First International Bank (FIB) arrested in 2013 and charged with multiple crimes for their involvement in the disappearance of US$1.2m from the bank.

‘Stop Demonizing Government’

One of the state lawyers, who argued last Wednesday at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, on the reasons 30 detained motorcyclists are yet to be granted bail, told a packed courtroom that the defense team’s intention was to make government appear as a “demon.”
He made the argument after the defense team filed a motion to have all of the defendants admitted to bail, and have them released temporarily from detention, where they have been since their arrest on April 16.


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