Deputy House Speaker, Hans Barchue and Moses Wogbeh

Deputy Speaker Collected US$50K in PUP Benefits

A dismissed managing director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) being tried for allegedly misapplying US$6 million from the Private Use Permit (PUP) funds told Criminal Court ‘C’ that Deputy House Speaker, Hans Barchue, received over US$50,000 from the permits.

Witness Moses Wogbeh in his testimony claimed that the money was part of what his administration collected from companies that were operating under the permits across the country.

Paelat Construction Firm Manager Praise Tony Lawal

Paelat, Westwood Face Probe

After claims and counter claims over the failure to implement a government funded road project involving millions of United States Dollars, two contractors, Paelat and the Westwood Construction Company, are to be investigated for allegedly breaching the code of conduct of the Association of Liberian Construction Contractors (ALCC).

7 Bailed Defendants Ordered Re-arrested

Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice yesterday issued an order for the immediate re-arrest of seven of the nine dismissed employees of the First International Bank (FIB) believed to have gone into hiding for fear of prosecution after they were placed on bail.

Defendants Jermin Tegil together with Richard Gboyah, Africanus Freeman, Robert Cummings, Kebbeh Clark, Angie Brooks, Boyan Dadizie,: Ngagi Waritay and Victoria Yaguba were charged for allegedly stealing US$1.2 million while they were in the employ of the bank.

Agriculture Minister Dr. Florence Chenoweth accused of approving PUPs

Agriculture Minister Implicated in US$6M PUP Saga

A testimony of Moses D. Wogbeh, the dismissed managing director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has provided new details of how the 61 Private Use Permits (PUPs) were allegedly approved by the board chair of the FDA and Agriculture Minister, Florence Chenoweth without naming her in the indictment.

Specifically, the dismissed FDA boss told the court that “All of the 61 PUPs were approved by the chairperson of the FDA and sometimes by Dr. Chenoweth’s proxy.”


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