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Mr. Harry L. Morris with his wife Wilma (at right) and their young son Bill, being paid a visit by world rubber tycoon Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., founder of Liberia’s Firestone Plantations Company. This visit by Mr. Firestone was a tacit indication of the great respect he had for Harry Morris as one of the world’s preeminent rubber planters.

Rubber Planters in Liberian Business

In our selection this Tuesday of Central Bank Governor Dr. J. Mills Jones as PERSON OF THE  YEAR, we stressed the fact that the vast majority of Liberians live in abject poverty in their own country, while only a few Liberians and most foreigners, including Lebanese, Indians and Fulas, are very rich.  We also mentioned a handful of Liberians in business, but not in the mainstream or leaders in their particular lines of business.  Every aspect of business, with the probable exception of rubber, is dominated by foreigners. 

(From left) James B. Dennis, John Lewis Cooper, Richard Abrom Henries and R.S.S. Bright

Four Classmates of Destiny

The Daily Observer today presents our third History & Us column, using a photograph we recently discovered of four outstanding Liberians, who were members of the Class of 1927 of the College of West Africa (CWA).  They were all old Monrovia boys.


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