An unattended garbage stockpile in the heart of Red-light Market

Sanitation Crisis Looms over Nation’s Largest Food Market

Mountains of dirt, unattended for weeks, have again raised concern about a potential sanitation crisis that looms over the nation’s largest food market of Red-light, just outside Monrovia.

The Red-light Market plays host to ninety percent of Monrovia’s food and other critical needs from rural Liberia, though the market and its surroundings could never be mistaken for anything that Mary Broh might be associated with.

Health Ministry Brings in Mental Health Drugs Worth US$100K

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH&SW) has disclosed that a shipment of US$100,000 worth of much needed mental health drugs has arrived in the country.  

According to the Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services, Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah, who disclosed the news last Wednesday, the drugs will be distributed to various health facilities, where trained mental health clinicians are stationed throughout the 15 political sub-divisions of the country.

Children's Surgery International medical team

Children’s Surgery International Returns on 5th Medical Mission to Firestone

A 25-member team, under the banner of the American Medical Charity—Children’s Surgery International (CSI)—has arrived in Liberia on its fifth medical mission to the Firestone Medical Center located in Duside, outside Harbel. The team, which touched down Friday, November 8, at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Margibi County, is expected to be in the country for about a week.

Assistant Minister for Preventive Services, Tolbert Nyenswah, launched the report on behalf of the Government of Liberia.

Liberia Faces “TRIPLE-BURDEN” Disease Dilemma

Public health entities operating in the country have received an SOS (save our souls) call from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, (MOHSW).

The Ministry’s ‘call-to-arms’ (battle cry) was issued on Friday, November 1, at a local resort in Sinkor, when Assistant Minister for Preventive Services, Tolbert Nyenswah, launched a new, private health community-based organization: Public Health Initiative Liberia, (PHIL) in the country.

Bong County Health Officer, Dr. Samson Arzoaquoi, Speaking at the meeting

Bong County Health Delivery System in a Mess

By William Q. Harmon 


The health services delivery system of Bong County is in a total mess due to the dysfunctional state of almost all of the ambulances used to transport patients, most specifically the transportation of pregnant women and those in need of emergency medical attention at various health facilities in the county, the County Health Officer (CHO), Dr. Samson K. Arzoaquoi, has raised a red-flag.


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