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National Domestic Youth League to Kick-off

What I think needs to be done
Anthony Kokoi

The national domestic youth league featuring young talents from across Montserrado is expected to kick off in less than a week, according to the Liberia Football Association’s President, Musa Bility.

What are we to expect at the end of the tournament?

The youth tournament is aimed at promoting young hidden talents.

Regarding preparation, the LFA must be commended for the distribution of football materials to participating teams.

This is one of the few tournaments in the country to identify upcoming players. It is similar to the National County Sports Meet and the District League.

After the climax of the tournament, some players fortunately will be called up by teams in the first and second divisions.

Since these boys are Under 14 and the girls, Under-15, they are still far from being called up by first and second division teams.

Therefore it will not be a successful tournament if at the end a team emerges victorious and players are selected to be developed to become better players.

It is therefore my recommendation that the organizers, upon the climax of the tournament, must be able to select some of these hidden talents to be supported at any of the football academies in the country, most especially at the
Monrovia Football Academy that combines both formal education and soccer development for both male and female athletes.

Adequate provision of support to develop the kids who may be spotted at the end of the tournament will surely indicate a new and positive trend in grooming the future stars to represent the country in local, regional and continental tournaments.

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