Architect’s model of the Proposed Fishing Landing Center at Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County

Liberia’s Fisheries Sector Tops Seven West African Countries on MSC Mechanisms

Reports from a World Bank supported project of the West African Fisheries Program (WARFP) for seven countries has ranked Liberia as a top performer in the implementation of Monitoring, Surveillance and Control (MSC) of unregulated, unreported and illegal (UUI) fishing activities in West African waters.

The World Bank and the GEFF are providing support to six West African countries aimed at buttressing efforts to protect the precious marine resources of coastal-line states.

One of Central Monrovia’s Biggest Challenges at Red-light in Paynesville( NOTE: Mr. Editor, this article for Year in Review 2013

Monrovia’s ‘Never-ending’ Pollution Issues in 2013

Throughout the year 2013, Monrovia was faced with embarrassment and unhygienic exposure to many different forms of pollution due to its continued public sanitation crisis. Residents, traders and visitors to Liberia are all victims of these unacceptable health hazards.

Atlas of Africa’s soil presented to K.Y.B. by EU Ambassador Pacifici

Head of EU Delegation Presents Resource Material to Observer’s Library

By Joaquin Sendolo

The Head of Liberia’s European Union Delegation, Attilio Pacifici, has presented a Soil Atlas to Daily Observer Publisher Kenneth Y. Best, in observance of the publisher's 75th birth anniversary. 

Mr. Best turned 75 on October 28.

Ambassador Pacifici in a letter to Mr. Best said the first ever African Soil Atlas is intended to enhance the work of the Daily Observer by providing rich information that the public will research in the Daily Observer Library.


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