One of several dumps in the heart of Voinjama

Voinjama Faces Sanitation Crisis

Voinjama, which hosts more than 11,000 inhabitants, is being threatened by a looming sanitation crisis.

The city’s market area, especially the slaughter house and behind the Voinjama Free Pentecostal Church, has been overtaken by piles of garbage.

Residents and business people in the affected areas of the city told the Daily Observer recently that the garbage has been untouched for the past three weeks.

One of the dilapidated bridges on the way to Fassavolu Clinic, which caters for both Liberians and Guineans; no vehicle now passes over this bridge

Getting Tougher to Convey Drugs to Clinics in Lofa

Due to deplorable conditions of bridges and steep rocky hills to the town of Fassavolu in Kolahun District, Lofa County, conveying of needed drugs to the health post continues to worsen by the day.

The Daily Observer was informed recently by the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Fassavolu Community Clinic, Mr. Perrison Y. Flomo.

Two of the lepers appealing to Government for help.

Lepers Complain of Neglect in Bong

Lepers at the Suakoko Lepers Colony few yards from Phebe Hospital in Bong County are complaining of being neglected by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Government of Liberia.

In an interview with this paper on Wednesday February 12, the lepers said since the colony was constructed by the late President William V. S. Tubman in 1955 there has been no renovation on the existing structures.

Bishop Dr. Daniel Jensen Senyenkulo of the Lutheran Church of Liberia (left), One of Monrovia’s beaches threatened by sewage and waste (right)

Monrovia’s Ecological System Faces Degradation As Beaches Encounter Pollution Threats from Coastal Structures

Even as public concern mounts over the unsanitary conditions of Monrovia’s beaches, residents continue to face issues from ecological degradation owing to waste being dumped on the beaches.

For nearly a week and half, residents from 3rd Street up to 13th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia, have been complaining about sewage coming from the plumbing systems of various buildings being dumped into the ocean.

Typical Scenes of Clogged Drainage in Central Monrovia

Monrovia’s Foul Drainage System Sparks Public Outcry


With the Dry Season in full swing, Monrovia’s smelly drainages continue to fuel public outcry.

In a tour of several affected communities in Central Monrovia Monday, drainages were seen clogged with wastes.

Areas in Central Monrovia overwhelmed by the drainage problem include Center, Lynch, Gurley, Clay, and UN Drive at the Rally Time Market.

Residents and business entities situated in those communities have on many occasions complained about the stench odor coming out of those drainages.


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