Drainage Problem Hits Old Road Junction

The junction connecting Old-Road and Tubman Boulevard, near President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s residence, was flooded in a downpour of rain Tuesday, June 10, resulting in a traffic impediment and leaving businesses out of service for the entire day. The only car wash in the area, a US$80,000 facility built at the very junction was also overwhelmed by the flood.  The carwash is also situated on the bank of a swamp that runs under that portion of Tubman Boulevard and covers a wide area adjacent to the President’s home.  

Liberia’s Degraded Ecological Environment

Extensive investigations into the background of Liberia’s bleak environmental challenges can be safely described in terms of total degradation and as unhealthy for the population.

Time immemorial, the Liberian environment has been plagued with challenges and constraints such as the dumping of used oils from the many unsupervised garages and some industrial entities.

Entry corridor into Fanti Town in Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County

Health Crisis Looms in Filthy Fishing Communities in Cape Mount

It is highly probable that children and adults in fishing communities, including Fanti and Kru Towns in Grand Cape Mount County will encounter illness as a result of filthiness of those communities.

During a visit to the county recently, the Daily Observer’s Fish Industry reporter saw that the communities are surrounded with piles of garbage, which have not been cleared for the past several months.

Unattended garbage at nation’s largest food market, Red Light in Paynesville

Rains Hit Red Light Again

Now the much expected Rainy Season has once again hit the nation to the woe of traders in the nation’s largest food market, Red Light, selling food and other wares in filth and squalor.

The Red Light Market, situated in the business district of Paynesville, plays host to hundreds of Liberian and foreign owned businesses, as well as petty traders that feed greater Monrovia with the critically needed goods and services.


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