Unpleasant Reception Awaits Xmas Shoppers at Red-light

For many years, 2014 being no exception, thousands of rural and urban Christmas shoppers face an unpleasant reception at the Red-light General Market in Paynesville.

Mountains of garbage have again swallowed the four strategic entry points of the nation’s largest food market.

Several surveys have revealed that most of the plans and strategies organized by sanitation companies and urban planners have not yielded fruitful results and the dirt   continues to pose grave sanitation and environmental problems for residents.

One of Several uncollected piles Garbage not disposed for Five Weeks in Monrovia

Sanitation Crisis Worsens in Monrovia’s Suburbs

With an unending solution in sight in practically addressing the sanitation challenges of Monrovia, several rural settlements’ sanitation problems continue to worsen.

In most of Monrovia’s suburbs in recent times, stink garbage continues to swallow the drainages and other designated dumpsites.

Visibly at the Duala General Market on the Bushrod Island, volumes of stink garbage was observed spreading beyond the dumpsites established by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

More Stink Garbage Swallows UN Drive, Rally Time Market

With practically no end in sight, more offensive  mountains of garbage continue  to swallow the Rally Time Market on United Nations Drive in central Monrovia.

The garbage stockpile is the sanctuary of millions of flies spreading, many of which hover over cooked food prepared for marketers to eat, as well as other food commodities, including fish, meat and vegetables for sale in the market.

Small businesspeople, mainly women and elderly men, are exposed to the offensive odors and water as well as air borne diseases from the rotten garbage.

A two-week rotten garbage dump at the entrance of old Parker Paint’s Building at Wood Camp in Paynesville

Garbage Stench Raises Health Hazard at Wood Camp/Parker Paint Junction

A three-week unattended garbage dump at a four-road junction of Wood Camp and Parker Paint continues to raise  serious health hazard in Paynesville.

Angry and frustrated residents and private pharmacy owners have sounded an urgent appeal to the Paynesville City Corporation, (PCC) to place first premium on the disposal of the rotten garbage.

A garbage bin posted by a sanitation company has been over whelmed by the huge volume of dirt dumped by residents and business entities from the Wood Camp and Edward Komo Sackor  communities.

Greenville Flood Water Rages, Destroys Streets

Each day of the week, when there it rains heavily in the port city of Greenville, residents and businesspeople encounter the menace of flooding.

Many drainages are clogged with garbage having been thrown on the various streets by residents and other business entities.

According to some of the Greenville residents and businesspeople, the situation has become a menace that continues to send out offensive odors, to the detriment of the residents.


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