Partial view of the septic gutter and the donation from MCC for the clean-up campaign

Slum Communities Tackle Offensive Drains

A three-day clean-up campaign of the foul smelling and revolting septic drains running through Newport Street and several other slum communities of Soniewhein and Buzzy Quarters in the capital, Monrovia, kicked off yesterday Thursday.

The Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) initiated the long overdue project with support from Oxfam, an international relief agency which provides poverty and disaster relief in many countries around the world. The theme of the gutter cleaning project is “Operation Clean the Sonie.”

Information Ministry’s hand-washing bucket described by GSA Director as dirty yesterday

Broh Describes Ebola Bucket at MICAT as Dirty

The Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Mary T. Broh, yesterday described a hand washing bucket at the Ministry of Information as dirty and refused to follow the Ebola prevention hand washing protocol.

Appearing at the entrance of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, the GSA boss, when asked to follow the protocol refused, describing the bucket as dirty.

“I observe strict sanitation measures and will not touch a dirty faucet at Information Ministry or any other place.

The drainage filled with filth, oozes offensive stench in the community

Soniewein Residents Suffer Foul Drainage Smell

The Central Monrovia Soniewein residents have expressed annoyance over the foul smell from the refuse filled gutter that passes through Center, Lynch and Johnson Streets.

Residents interviewed yesterday complained that they are greatly offended by the disgusting sewage system and the filthy drainage that they have endured for years.

Area “L” with children returning from fetching water from the spring

Several Yekepa Communities Lack Safe Drinking Water

Several communities in Yekepa are currently facing an acute shortage of safe drinking water, compelling the residents to fetch their drinking water from the jungle.

The Daily Observer, on a tour of some of the camps in Yekepa, including areas N, L, O and others, discovered that these communities are facing severe water problems which they claim have been brought to the attention of the Arcelor Mittal  Management.

Christmas Shoppers, Traders, Celebrate Amid Garbage Sprawl

As usual, at the nation’s three general markets of Red-light, (Paynesville), Waterside, (Monrovia) and Duala, (Bushrod Island), Christmas shoppers, traders and others were compelled to celebrate the festive shopping season threading over layers of uncollected trash and making pathways through sprawls of garbage.

On top of that menace at the three business districts, thousands of shoppers got the brunt of the stench of sewer and squalor everywhere, making their holiday shopping experience miserable.


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