Senate Pro Tempore Armah Jallah and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf listen to Deputy Speaker Barchue give assurance on the approval of the Paris Agreement and other international protocols and treaties under his gavel .

Paris Agreement: Liberia Poised for Safe ‘Earth’

The House of Representatives and the Senate have pledged ratification of Liberia’s participation in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, to join other countries to accelerate the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions to save the earth, following an appeal by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and other agencies from the Executive Branch.

Jubilant emerging Liberian environmentalists taking action to plant coconut trees in New Kru Town

Lilieth Whyte plants Coconut tree to Celebrate Earth Day

Youth Exploring Solutions Observe Earth Day

As world leaders met at the United Nations headquarters in New York to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, one of Liberia’s leading nonprofit, passionate and voluntary grassroots youth-led development organizations, Youth Exploring Solutions (YES), celebrated World Earth Day to mark the historic signing ceremony at the Juah Sarwee Memorial Welfare Institute situated in the Trowein, Borough of New Kru Town.

A joint team visited each community to talk about the conservation agreements and distribute cookstoves purchased by ArcelorMittal Liberia from Sjedi. These eco-stoves produce less smoke, less charcoal and wood. Benefits include less deforestation and less time searching for wood, less money spent on charcoal, faster cooking time so less time spent cooking.

CI Director, Jessica Allen, oversees the signing of the conservation agreements

Today’s column takes on a dual nature- prose and poetry. It is dedicated to one of the two strict nature reserves in Liberia—The East Nimba Nature Reserve (ENNR)

The East Nimba Nature Reserve
The East Nimba Nature Reserve (ENNR) protects a portion of Liberia’s Nimba mountain range and covers an area measuring 11,533 hectares. Forming part of the Upper Guinea Forest Ecosystem of West Africa which extends from Guinea into eastern Sierra Leone; eastward through Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and into western Togo; the ENNR is said to be the most significant part of the Upper Guinea rain forest, because it here that the forest block reaches its most developed stage from an ecological and evaluative perspective. (Verschuren , 1983).


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