(L-R) Skylett and her manager, Doc Watt

Skylett to Grab More Fans

The New Generation Award (NEGA) and Liberia Music Award Foundation (LMA) nominee Skylett White is to launch on March 20 at the Liberian Dujar High School a fan base in Liberia. 

The singer said the show is a back to-school project that is aimed at welcoming students to school through entertainments, as well as to create an avenue in which they can forget the trauma that the Ebola situation in Liberia may have caused them one way or another. 

(L-r) Shinning man and JB

Soul Fresh Launches New Video Album: “Hostage”

In a-four-day super bowl performance with top Liberian artists and entertainers, award-winning Hipco group Soul Fresh, is to blaze Monrovia and its environs with its first ever-video album, “Hostage.”

The video has been rated as the group’s best audio music and will be performed live from march 13-16 at Royal Plus, Logan Town Cinema, Sports Commission and Miami Beach, where a gala will follow the launch. It will be a landmark achievement; the group hopes to leave fans enthralled with a new style of performance.

DJ Blue Releases International Liberian Video Mix

Veteran Liberian Disc Jockey Bernard Benson, affectionately known as DJ Blue, has taken the Liberian musical industry into a new dimension, releasing the first ever international and local video mix.

Hipco is Liberia’s own rare style of music and has been around since the 1980s, ushering in different styles, concerns and voices. But it has managed to stay afloat through the civil war, and today symbolizes a unique mix of Liberian culture. 

Highlighting International Liberian Artist on Their Way Up Part 3 Skylett White

An inspiring young Liberian and international artist, Skylett White, has dropped a hit single for her upcoming project. This single, called ‘Balance’, is a laid back, very chill song, with a little bit of funk to it. 'Balance' is an Afro Hip pop/Reggae Type and it has attracted more than 1600 viewers on YouTube.

This young female artist was born in Liberia, grew up in Ghana and currently lives in the United States of America, Providence Rhode Island. According to Skylett White’s biography on Facebook, her style of flow is rap/hip-pop and Afro beats.  

Split over Creative Conflict

2015 ain’t gone nowhere yet and some things are already falling apart.  Actually, it’s really not so bad.  It’s just another one of those teething moments of the Liberian entertainment industry.  Recently, rumor circulated on Takun J’s 1.4.6 Block that one of LIB’s hottest rising artist and his manager split, and LIB Life had to get the juice.

According to reports, Lil Beshop, the Hip-Co hit maker behind the famous track ‘Human Being’, and his manager Marie Collins, have split.


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