LMA country representative Joseph Junior Teah with Cellcom VP for Marketing, Tal Hendler

LMA Introduce New Technology For Voting

Peter Barchue Cole

Peter Cole Jibes Fans on April Fool’s Day

It sounded like a shock on Facebook when international Liberian artist Peter Barchue Cole announced that he was retiring from music.

“Loyal and royal fans," Cole posted on his Facebook timeline, "it is with great regret that I announce my retirement and retreat from the music scene after many years of reflection and depression. I know I’m letting a lot of you down but this move is necessary for me to regain my sanity and reinvent a new direction in the face of major life changes I have had recently.”

Copyright Boss Resigns

The Officer-In -Charge of the Liberian Copyright Office, Mr. Ernest Bruce has revealed to LIBLIFE in an interview that he has resigned.

“There has been a lot of grumble to the extent that my character was assassinated, when members of the Collective Management Society charged that I took news to the international community that we have a CMO when we don’t,” said Mr. Bruce. “It seems to me that there is a lot of misunderstanding either about how this thing should be done or going on, so I have decided to step aside for other personal reasons.”

Soul Fresh Leaves Crowds Awed

During a four-day classical Hipco performance, rapper duo Soul Fresh ended at Miami Beach their Hipco crusade, which was attended by about 200 fans.

The crowd when haywire as the duo came on stage and plunged into a rapping style that is original and characterized by their own mix, leaving the crowd to erupt into screams of excitement and dancing, with Azonto being displayed in moves you have rarely seen before.

Artists Poise For Coveted LMA Prize

The second annual edition of the Liberian Musical Award Foundation (LMA) celebrating the best in outstanding entertainments, has once again announced its nominees. As usual, the list includes newcomers to the Liberian music world, as well as a number of big names in the industry.

 LMA brings together Liberian artists from all over the world in order to celebrate their achievements on the international stage. 


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