(l-r) Joseph Junior Teah and Lib24 journalist Wesley Brown during a awareness in the Township of West Point.

LMA To Erect Billboard

The country representative of the Liberian Music Awards Foundation (LMA), Joseph Junior Teah has disclosed that his institution has finalized plans to erect billboards across the country, to boost the ongoing awareness program about the LMA voting process.

 He said this billboard project is part of the LMA’s initiative to ensure that ordinary Liberians understand the SMS (text massage) and the online "voting Code” process.

LIB Swagg Dance?

In an upcoming one-day performance with some of the industry’s big names, a talented, rambunctious gang of young men calling themselves the All Stars Entertainment Group is expected to blaze Monrovia with what they say is a fresh, new signature dance style for Liberia, called the ‘LIB Swagg’.    
The group will stage their performance live at 2:00pm on Sport Commission, Friday, April 24.
LIB headlining artists Sweetz, Santos, Rawlo, Erigeso will all be there, and have promised outstanding performances.

S. Karie Walker a.k.a. John Flomo

How John Flomo Rose to Prominence

“Dreams are what keep us going, but the passion to pursue is what matter most,” says S. Karie Walker, popular known as John Flomo. “It is upon this belief that I have built myself a reputable career as an actor from poverty to success.”

Recently, John and his fellow comedian Isaac Sunday Sieh, another famous locally-based actor commonly known as Paul, signed a contract worth more than US$ 24,000 with telecommunications operator Cellcom, to be the company’s brand ambassadors.

After signing with the company, comedian John Flomo bought himself a brand new car.

"Shy Star" J-Glo Opens Up

From the middle of the last decade, J-Glo was one of the most talented female vocalists coming up in the entertainment industry.  After her first single “Friday in 2005, she has been featured on tracks like Enough of Your Love, Yes Nah, Party Time, Hero, In The Hole and many more.

Her vocal ability proved to music pundits and fans that she was not just a singer by chance, but an incredible vocal artist who could sing all genres of music.

(l-r) S. Karie Walker and Isaac Sunday Sieh after the signing ceremony

Emerging LIB Comics Bag Cellcom Endorsements

Two of Liberia’s emerging comedians, S. Karie Walker (John) and Isaac Sunday Sieh (Paul), has signed a contract with the mobile giant, Cellcom.

The contract, which was signed over the weekend, is worth more than US$ 24,000 and will last for a period of one year.

Dream Debo, the manager of the two comedians, spoke to LIB LIFE during an interview to express their excitement over the contract.

“For the level of hard work these guys have made in a very short period of time, this is an accomplishment,” Dream said.


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