(l-r) Election commissioner chair Varfee Holmes counting the ballots paper front of observers and assited by co-chair Alex Devine and a representative of MICAT

LIMU Election Chairman Denies Accusation of Bias

The election commission chairman of the Liberia Movies Union (LIMU), Varfee Holmes, has denied allegations of bias in the just ended LIMU elections, saying that accusations of unfairness brought against them by Reality Team is “malicious.”
“Although Reality Team has complained about the issue, observers at the polls, including the acting President Kediatu Kamara, have found the election as free, fair and transparent,” he said.

Quincy B

Quincy B Releases “Crazy in Love”

The long awaited “Crazy in love” single by Afro, Pop and R& B hits maker Quincy B, will be released on Saturday, June 13.

Crazy in love opens with a romantic beat and has a better use of instruments.
Its enchanting phrase, “I’m goin’ crazy”, creates a deep feeling in the mind. But the song is actually to portray Quincy B as falling in love.

J-Glo “the shy star”

‘Da Lie’ J-Glo Releases New Single

Now that J-Glo has released her newest single ‘Da lie,’ after four years absence from the Liberian music scene, and fans are waiting for the drop of the video for this hot song.
The hot new single highlights men’s attitude towards women.

J-Glo told LIB Life, “I wrote this single, inspired by personal experiences in 2010. The message is that men often lie to women in order to achieve their ends.

LMA Appeals to U.S. Embassy

The country representative of the Liberian Music Award (LMA), Joseph Junior Teah, has said that his organization is appealing to the American Embassy in Monrovia to reconsider its decision regarding artists that were recently denied visas to attend the awards ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia, later this month.

AMI CEO, Eric Chinje(c) and FEPACI Executive Director, Jane Murago-Munene(r) during the MOU as AMI Senior Technology Advisor, Meredith Beal, looks on

Boost for African Filmmakers

African Media Initiative (AMI) and the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI) have signed a memorandum of understanding in Nairobi to provide support for the development of high quality audiovisuals and films for the continent’s industries.

According to a press release, the two institutions will create market opportunities for the production of compelling African stories that meet international film standards.
The move is also aimed at scaling up the distribution of African films within the region and beyond.


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