Q&A with Margaret Cephas The Quiet Star


It seems like a large door was opened for Margret Mamuchi Cephas, commonly known as Maggie, after her show-stopping performance during MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2013. Though the shy but talented teenager did not win, she took 2nd place, leaving some very robust singers behind. What was expected afterwards was to see her release track after track like most artists would (and should) on the momentum of such achievement. Many also searched their radio dials to hear the unique star brag over her next endeavor; but neither was done.

The Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) will bring a new flavor to the Temple of Justice this evening (Dec. 23), with a concert featuring a repertoire of classical, traditional and jazz music. Starts at 6 p.m.

Christmas Music Fest Comes to Temple of Justice

In the Liberian context, it might seem like an unlikely venue but, for the Liberia National Academy of Music (LINAM) to stage its annual Christmas Fest in the Conference Hall of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia this year, the event might rekindle nostalgia for the arts in the legal science.

Outer view of Destiny entertainment center

Lobby view of Destiny entertainment center

Liberia’s first entertainment complex opens with added value

Truly a story of Destiny in the making! Introducing Liberia’s first upscale entertainment complex that is packaged for the entire family unlike anything you have seen in Liberia. The Destiny Entertainment Complex is opening just in time for the holiday celebrations for all Liberians to enjoy.

At the opening of the 'Diva Dream Alive' concert, Zheng Zheng (far right), Jon bricks and his Chinese girlfriend

Jon Bricks, Zheng Zheng Thrill Fans with Colloqua, Chinese Blend

Liberian international Hip-Co rapper, Jon Bricks and chinese superstar Zheng Zheng left fans thrilled at the end of the first night of the duo's three-day "Diva Dream Alive" concert series in Liberia for his new album, accented by the perfect chemistry in their performance.

As Jon Bricks was called on stage the fans shouted, "give to us Zama classic. We deserved it, we want nothing less them the performance promised."

Nicholas Buigar receives ambassadorial certificate from J. Van Vicker

Nicholas Buigar Named 'Youth Music Ambassador'

The Federation of Liberia Youth (FLY) has appointed Liberia's international award-winning vocalist, Nicholas Buigar, as its Youth Music Ambassador.

The president of FLY, Augustine Tamba, said the appointment of Nicholas is part of their initiative to recognize the numerous achievements that have been made in the Liberian music industry.


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