Paul Flomo in Things!

Isaac Sunday Sieh, dubbed the funniest comedian now in Liberia, was the proud recipient of the keys to a sweet-smelling Nissan Altima, courtesy of Platinum Entertainment Production, in recognition for his hard work, dedication, and humility.

Afro against Ebola: Chris Wolo, who usually goes bald, vowed not to cut his hair until Ebola is kicked out of Liberia

Conversation with Chris Wolo

UNMIL radio’s prodigy and radio talk personality Chris Wolo joined LIB LIFE over the week to talk about where one draws the line when it comes to good broadcasting.

“I consider myself a radio personality and this is important, there are a lot of people on air that don’t really know who and what they are; or know how powerful the tool they use is and how much more power they hold,” he added.

While Chris Wolo has decided to create awareness to what he calls the ‘Ebola scourge’ in Liberia, he says he’s doing it for a good reason.

Picture of DenG manager Alice Yawo in t-shirt

“If They Vex, Let Them Buss”

The catchy colloquialisms of Liberian music hit-maker DenG are hard to beat, and have earned him a reputation as one of the most followed Liberian artists online, especially in the Diaspora. Not only have his hit tracks get listed among top-requests on airwaves in other African countries, but the phrase he made famous – “If they vex, let them buss” – might turn out to be a sweet business opportunity for the artist.  With the phrase on everyone’s lips both in hostile or friendly talk, DenG’s management team is making it a fashion statement – literally.

Liberian Gospel music recording artist Kanvee Ganes Adams (Far left) is one of 54 Goodwill Ambassadors appointed by the KORA Awards in it’s campaign to fight Ebola across Africa.

KORA Awards Names Kanvee ‘Goodwill Ambassador’

The biggest music awards organization in Africa, the KORA – All Africa Music Awards, has accredited and recognized Liberia’s top Gospel Artist, Kanvee Gaines Adams, as their Goodwill Ambassador on Ebola.

The KORA Awards, the Pan-African equivalent of the American-based Grammy Awards, honors the best artists from Africa and its Diaspora.  


It all started when a very emotional Ebola track “Ebola stay away from Africa” was aired on Hottfm 107.9 on “Disturbing the Peace’s” late night radio show.

Nearly a hundred callers called in wanting to know more about the artist behind the song, and why Ebola mattered to him so much.

Luckily, we were able to contact the Liberian performer who’s been contributing for many years of essential instrumentals, songs and hope for Liberian music.


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