Alfalit @ 10th Anniversary, Featuring the Skill Training Program

Skill training is another significant segment of the community human resource development programs of Alfalit. Alfalit- Liberia first piloted skill training early 2013 out of a small size grant of $15,000 for its “Sew-to-Sell” project. More than 30 women who had acquired literacy up to six grade equivalent and interested in tailoring as discipline enrolled in the pilot project. Certainly, it was a small beginning, giving the size of Alfalit Literacy work in Liberia.

WIPNET women and Alfalit International leaders at the Palava Hut at Fish Market in Monrovia

Alfalit, LGM Meet Governors Council, WIPNET

The President of Alfalit International and Chief Executive Officer of Liberia Ghana Missions recently met leaders and students of the National Traditional Governors Council (NTGC) Literacy Class in Monrovia.

Dr. Joseph Milton and Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings met the newly enrolled adult literacy learners to review progress and academic performances at the center.

Prior to the initiative that led to the establishment of the Governors Adult Literacy Center, Alfalit-Liberia provided funds to renovate two rooms in the old National Housing and Savings Bank building.

Former US Ambassador to Liberia Deborah Malac and Alfalit Liberia Board Chairman Kenneth Best

Cross section of Alfalit students at graduation scene with US Ambassador Malac in 2013

Enormous Support from USA to Alfalit Liberia

The Government and people of the United States of America have hugely and consistently supported the literacy work of Alfalit in Liberia for ten years. US support to Alfalit has been evidently channeled through literacy books, grants from USAID and motivation from the US Embassy on the ground in Liberia. In fact The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a strategic and consistent partner of Alfalit International in its mission to work for the poorest in twenty four countries including Liberia.

Literacy in the Market

Taking literacy to market women has been one of the successful innovations of Alfalit Liberia. Two projects proved the effectiveness of teaching market women right at their market tables how to read, write and apply numbers. The Sirleaf Market Women’s Literacy Project and the Omega Market Women’s Literacy Project are the two separate literacy programs in the market for three years.


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