Literacy in the Market

Taking literacy to market women has been one of the successful innovations of Alfalit Liberia. Two projects proved the effectiveness of teaching market women right at their market tables how to read, write and apply numbers. The Sirleaf Market Women’s Literacy Project and the Omega Market Women’s Literacy Project are the two separate literacy programs in the market for three years.

Alfalit South East Literacy Project

South East Literacy Project (SELP) existed in three years as the wing of Alfalit Liberia, enabling the literacy giant to expand to all southeastern counties including River Cess. In 2009, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf linked Alfalit to McCall MacBain Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland to help support Alfalit’s efforts of eliminating illiteracy in Liberia. Under the leadership of Rev. Emmanuel Giddings, Alfalit piloted the South East Literacy Project in 2009, with a total grant size of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000).

(Above and below) Cross-Section of Literacy Graduates from Level I, Careysburg and Firestone 2006-2008

UMC Bishop John Innis & Alfalit Liberia Boss Giddings

Dr. Joseph Milton and Rev. Emmanuel Giddings, 2013 Visit of Dr. Milton

Alfalit: 10 Years of Literacy Education in Liberia

A humble beginning of Alfalit Literacy Program in Liberia in 2006 could have easily led anyone, except the farsighted, to overlook the revolutionary ability that has exploded in villages, towns and cities of Liberia in ten years. It confirms the idiom that says: “From small beginnings come great things”. In all honesty, every aspect of Alfalit Liberia started so small: its first office space was half bedroom size within the Education Department of the United Methodist Church.

VP Joseph Boakai (2nd from right) Dr. Milton (center), Bishop Innis, Rev. Giddings and Mr. Best posed shortly after they concluded their discussions.

VP Boakai, Alfalit Int’l Prez. Meet on Education Matters

Vice President Joseph Boakai yesterday met with Alfalit International president, Dr. Joseph Milton and his team who are in Liberia for the tenth anniversary celebration of the organization’s Adult Literacy Program in the country.

VP Boakai and Dr. Milton held discussions on adult literacy issues with the hope of improving and expanding Alfalit’s endeavours in Liberia.

VP Boakai reiterated the Liberian government’s gratitude to Alfalit for the role it has played and continues to play in the education of adults, especially women in the country.

Prez Sirleaf: “The Gompa TVET will provide middle link capacity development training”

Rep, Koung: “I introduced the bill so that potential school age youth in Nimba can have access to technical education…”

Ellen Approves Vocation College for Nimba

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has approved an Act to establish the Gompa Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute (G-TVET) for Nimba County.

Construction of the G-TVET, according to the Nimba County Electoral District #1 Representative, Jeremiah Koung, will commence when elders and opinion leaders provide the land in Ganta where the institute will be built.

The Act, which the President approved on June 17, was published and printed into hand bills on July 19.


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