James Dorbor Jallah, a Different Kind of Liberian Bureaucrat

He put it plainly and simply in his panel remarks at last week’s Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMSE) Conference. He sternly warned: “Employees of the Public Procurement Concessions Commission (PPCC) stand to lose their jobs if they are caught receiving any remuneration for providing services to business owners.”

Heeding Evyonne Harding’s Rallying Cry: Liberian Businesses MUST Be Protected

The dynamic Liberian entrepreneur, Mrs. Evyonne Bright Harding, was highly focused and forthright in her keynote address at last Tuesday’s opening at the Monrovia City Hall of the Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMSE) Conference.

She emphatically urged the Liberian government to help in nurturing the proper development of Liberian small and medium sized enterprises.

In the Terror of Despair and Suffering, What Did Job See? The Promise of Redemption

Many Episcopal churches throughout the world recently used the Old Testament lesson, Job 19, as the text for their sermons for the day.

In this passage set in the land of Israel, Job, the wealthy and prosperous citizen of Oz who had been viciously attacked by Satan, had suddenly lost everything – not only his mansions and all his farms and thousands of his animals – but more viciously his children. They had all been snatched away because of Satan’s attack on this man of God, Job.

Bad Governance Triggers Tragic Reversal in the Trans Atlantic Voyage

One of the saddest, even most tragic phenomena (occurrences) facing Africa today is the reverse in the trans-Atlantic voyages taking place. This time it is not across the Atlantic Ocean, but across the Mediterranean Sea, claiming thousands of lives.

Do we Africans understand or come to grips with what this really means? Have we forgotten what happened to us Africans – 15 million of us – in the 15th through the 19th centuries?

Oil Palm Produce Must Be Value Added to Avoid Liberia’s 90-Year Mistake

The oil palm producers in Liberia, notably Malaysia’s Golden Veroleum and Sime Darby, are saying the same thing Harvey Firestone said in 1926, when he established his rubber plantation in Liberia.

Mr. Firestone said at the time that Liberia was the best place on earth to grow natural rubber. The reasons were its climate, rainfall and rich soils, which were abundant enough for successful rubber growing.


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