How Will World Bank’s US$40 Million Grant Address Limp Progress on Governance Reform?

World Bank Country Director Larisa Leshchenko spoke in generalities on Tuesday, November 22 when she addressed the media on the Bank’s US$40 million grant for governance reform in Liberia.

She touched on many subjects which the grant targets. Among them is, yes, governance reform. But she included quite a few other issues, among them the government’s policy efforts to adjust the “twin shocks” of the Ebola crisis and the slump in commodity prices, especially rubber and iron ore.

The Key to Christianizing Liberia: Wipe Out Witchcraft!

The House of Representatives is to be commended for approving seven key propositions for the Referendum scheduled to be voted upon in the forthcoming presidential and general elections.

We are sorry that they dropped Dual Citizenship—why? We do not know. But we have always maintained that Dual Citizenship would be good for Liberia because it would bring to the country many advantages that several other countries around the world, notably the State of Israel, are enjoying.

The PUL Elections—A Good Example for the Elections to Come, But . . .

By all accounts, the turnout of journalists in Ganta last weekend for the Congress of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) was impressive. There were nearly 300 in attendance. But there were also serious problems.

Most of the journalists who turned out were interested in and committed to ONE thing only—the election for president. Other matters on the Congress agenda were treated as totally secondary or non-essential. It was observed that very many of those who turned out remained outside talking politics and “electioneering”. They had little or no time for anything else.

Lusu Sloan Has Done Well at LMA—But What Will Its New HQ Look Like?

She has headed the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) for the past nine years and has kept it peaceful and progressive and playing an active role in the political affairs of the country.

Now Madam Lusu Sloan, the LMA president, has a dream—to modernize its current headquarters at the Rally Time Market on United Nations Drive. Her aim is to create conference and entertainment facilities, and possibly beautify the face of the market building.

The Urgency of Our Road Problems: Now Yekepa and Grand Kru

In the past several days we have published two major stories about the deplorable road conditions in the country that call for urgent attention.

The first, published last Wednesday, concerned the Ganta-Yekepa Highway, which ArcelorMittal, the iron ore giant operating in the Nimba Mountains, promised several years ago to pave. The road is already there, but given the heavy rains, it is constantly in disrepair, making passage extremely difficult, especially during the rainy season.


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