Was That the Only Reason You Came, Mr. Trudeau? Please Don’t Come Back!

Canada, one of the world’s richest and most industrialized nations, definitely has a lot to offer Liberia. We, too, though poor and still an agrarian (agricultural) country, have something to offer Canada—and we have given Canada a lot already. Remember LAMCO? LAMCO was an American, Canadian and Swedish investment that from the 1960s through to the 1980s reaped for those countries and their citizens billions of United States dollars from the world’s highest grade iron ore that the mines in Nimba produced. Alas!

The Triple Fortunes of the Gola Forest Act

We had actually thought that the Gola Forest, which stretches through Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount counties, had long ago, by Act of Legislature, been established as a national reserve.

Not until our Senate Correspondent, J. Burgess Carter, reported last Monday that the Senate had set up two Committees to reconcile the Gola Forest and Affirmative Action Acts, respectively, with the House of Representatives, which had already passed both Acts.

The Donald Trump Presidency: Last Hurrah for White Supremacy in America?

We have learned that the first key appointments which American President-Elect Donald Trump has made for his White House staff are white men known to be white supremacists. This means men who are known racist bigots.

News reports indicate that from the time he first announced that he wanted “to make America great again,” he was suspected of being determined to let the ship of state be run once again by white men.


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