Part of Ellen’s Legacy: Developing a Cadre of Young Professionals

Following the 2005 elections when the mantle of the presidency was cast upon her, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf met a practically empty barrel of professionals in government. Perhaps with the exception of a few Ministries, most government agencies were staffed by mediocre personnel. Remember, the government had been run since 1997 by Charles Taylor, the least of whose worries was professionalism or governmental efficiency.

Without Bloodshed, The Gambia Finally Freed of Jammeh: Ellen, ECOWAS Are to Be Highly Commended

Saturday, January 21, 2017 marks the day on which the suffering people of The Gambia were finally freed from the tyranny of their brutal and murderous dictator, Yahya Jammeh.

Ever since he assumed power in a bloodless military coup d’état on July 22, 1994, overthrowing the elected government of President Sir Dawda Jawara, The Gambia’s first President, this ruthless and murderous dictator, Yahya Jammeh, ruled that country with an iron fist, tolerating absolutely no freedom of thought or expression. Anyone who dared to speak out was immediately incarcerated and even murdered.

Humanitarians, Please Help Save Genevie’s Life

Our Women’s Columnist, Claudia Smith, ever concerned about her fellow Caldwellians and other people in distress of one kind or another, on Wednesday reported on the critical condition of a 21 year-old Caldwell woman who may be dying if humanitarians do not come quickly to her rescue.

Genevieve Stemn returned home from school one day in July 2016 bitterly complaining of severe pain. She had eaten a bit of attiéké, a famous Ivorian-Nigerian dish, and was later diagnosed with food poisoning.

Poor Liberia—Again Ranked at the Bottom in Infrastructure Worldwide

This newspaper has often asked the question, what kind of people are we?

This question becomes even more relevant today as the latest report on Liberia by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reveals the alarming report that our 169-year-old nation, Africa’s oldest Republic, is still lingering in rank at the bottom of the global infrastructure index—both social and physical.


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