Despite His Name, Yahya Turned Out to Be Truly a Bad Boy

It is hard to understand how this happened—how such a good name came to be given to such a man as Yahya Jammeh, the brutal, dictator and tyrannical leader of The Gambia, who was forced to flee the country earlier last week, after 22 years in power.

The name Yahya, of Arabic and Hebrew origins, actually means “kind, compassionate and tenderhearted.” So how was this Jola boy given such a name, a name that he turned out to live and act in total opposition to?

Has anyone asked why he chose the military instead of business or some other profession?

President Trump, You’re Trying to Destroy President Obama’s Legacy, But Do You Know How You Will End?

Donald J. Trump began his campaign for the American presidency on a distinctly negative path. First, he said that if elected, he would stop Muslims from entering the United States. Second, he would build a wall on the Mexican border and make the Mexicans pay for it. Third, he would, on his first day in office, dismantle most things President Obama had put into place, including the Affordable Care Act; overturn Obama’s policy actions to halt the dangerous environmental threat of climate change; and review or cancel trade agreements with other nations.

Walking the Last Mile with Ellen

In the last sentence of her final Annual Message to the Legislature last Monday, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf pleaded with them and the Liberian people to “join me on the last mile.”

“I still have 357 more days as President of this country and I’ve still got a lot to do, so I want to urge members of the Legislature to join me on the last mile.”

In directing that plea to the Legislature, Ellen was also appealing to those who hold the real power – the people of Liberia.


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