Thursday’s Congo Town-Paynesville Traffic Paralysis: A Sign of Things to Come?

Motorists and the public were Thursday, December 15, 2016 trapped for several hours for only one reason: Winners Chapel’s hosting of the Smythe Institute graduation.

We commend the graduates for their achievements, but at the same time feel compelled to raise the serious question, why did the public and the national economy have to pay such a heavy price?

But the more important question is, why does the Liberian National

Police (LNP) allow such a thing to happen? What kind of country are we living in where there seems to be no coordination?

The Challenge of International Diplomacy: One Man, Yahya Jammeh, Should Not Be Allowed to Turn West Africa’s Democracy Clock Backward

West Africa has in recent years become a beacon (shining example) of democracy in Africa, Dr. Ibn Chambas has said.

Dr. Chambas, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in West Africa, acknowledged this truism when last Wednesday he convened in Monrovia a meeting of Heads of UN Missions in West Africa.

Dr. Chambas, the UN’s most senior official in the sub region, recognized with glowing pride the holding of successful democratic elections and the peaceful transfer of power in several West African nations in recent years.

The Test of Friendship

President W.V.S. Tubman led Liberia for 27 years. After his first eight years, 1944-51, he ran to succeed himself for a second term, which was constitutionally for four years. He won that election. And weeks following the inauguration, people began staging demonstrations asking him to “succeed himself for another four year term of office.”

The Challenge of the Liberian Church: Evangelize to Wipe Out Witchcraft

For those who downplay the prevalence (commonness, predominance) of witchcraft in Liberia, let us remind you of a story of what a Sinoe man once told his relatives in Sinoe County, who had asked him to send his 20-year-old daughter to spend time.

The man told his relatives, “I will not send my daughter to you to die.” And he did not send his daughter who, now in her late fifties, told this story to a Daily Observer reporter.


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