Removing Tariffs, Good, But Where Is Our Agriculture Policy?

The issuance of Executive Order No. 81 further suspending tariff on agricultural equipment, live animals for breeding and seeds for agriculture is a significant step by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf toward promoting the nation’s agriculture sector.

The aim, according to a GOL release, is to increase agricultural production toward food self-sufficiency.

We urge GOL, in addition, to take concrete steps toward a well-conceived and effectively implemented National Agriculture Policy toward food and other farm self-sufficiency.

Reconnecting Buutuo

Who can ever forget Buutuo? It is the Nimba town on the border with the Ivory Coast which Charles Taylor and his National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) entered on December 24, 1989 to fire the first shots of their invasion that ignited the 14-year Liberian civil war.

That invasion led to the overthrow and execution of President Samuel K. Doe and scores of his closest associates, mostly from his Krahn ethnic group.

Liberians’ Three New Year Resolutions

During the last part of the old year or the early part of the New Year, people usually declare resolutions. This is the time they tell themselves what they wish to do or accomplish or refrain from doing in the New Year.

We are sure that some of our people have already decided what their New Year resolutions are. There are, however, many of us who have been too busy preparing for the Season, especially Christmas, and have not found the time to make our New Year resolutions.

Liberian Entrepreneurship: Ganta Showing the Way with Tomah Seh Floyd

Of all the people, concessions and companies that have massively exploited Nimba County of its forests, its minerals—diamonds, gold, iron ore—and its labor, one of the few who emerged to give back by engaging seriously in other businesses is Tomah Seh Floyd.

Why? What is it about this young man that has caused us this year to single him out among Liberians?

What Happened to Maryland County... and Its Most Powerful Families—the Andersons and Tubmans?

The Holy Bible constantly warns us all to beware what we do and how we do it, for it could come back to haunt us. The good Book clearly warns, “Whatsoever [a person] soweth, that shall [he/she] surely reap.”

When W.V.S. Tubman became President of Liberia in 1944, he proceeded to deplete three of the four original counties—Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Grand Cape Mount—of their intelligentsia and their most promising families and gave them fat jobs in Monrovia.


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