Why We Chose Mills Jones

Simply put, it is   because he has been milling around the country doing what no one in Liberia’s history has ever done:  empowering ordinary Liberians everywhere to assert their economic independence by opening and operating    their own businesses. 

Bravo, Police Chief!

The police in many countries, Liberia included, have a bad name.  They are usually given to corruption, extorting money from motorists, especially the most vulnerable—commercial and ordinary drivers, many of whom are often found without operating licenses.  But that does not matter if they are willing to offer the officer “something.”  This is dangerous because unlicensed drivers may lack the experience in driving techniques, and the discipline required of licensed ones.  This could lead to accidents and criminal activity.

South Sudan: A Time for Decisive Action

She is the world’s newest nation and a Christian one, which has been denied the privilege of enjoying its first peaceful Christmas.  How sad!

Fortunately, the world took time off from the joyous Christmas celebrations to respond swiftly to escalating violence that has claimed thousands of lives since 15 December, when clashes broke out at a meeting of the ruling Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM).    

Will There Be Christmas in Malawu?

A high National Council of Churches (NCC) official has been addressing a number of serious issues affecting the nation.  These include the conflict between the churches and traditional leaders, or zoes, in Malawu, near Zorzor, Lofa County.

The Rev. Kortu Brown, NCC’s first vice president, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer last week, expressed his views on issues ranging from Malawu to immense poverty in the country to the mysterious death of Representative Fayiah Saah Gbollie to Ellen Corkrum and dual citizenship.


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