Motorcyclists: Time for Regulation

The Liberian government has with immediate effect banned commercial motorbike drivers from the main thoroughfares of Monrovia, confining them to operation within local communities.

This action was taken in response to an incident that took place last week. After a transport bus accidentally hit a motorbike, other ‘pehn-pehn’ drivers converged on the transport bus and set it ablaze while the passengers were still on board.

Safety over Speed: We need Good Systems, Not Sanctions

The sudden ban imposed on commercial motorcyclists from the main streets of Monrovia and its environs is generating mixed reactions from different sectors of the public.  For some, it is the most convenient means around the city.  What should take about 20 to 30 minutes on foot by car getting across central Monrovia, takes less than 10 minutes via commercial motorcycle.  With this medium of transport contributing to the speed of business, while providing employment for thousands of youth around the country, there are some strong economic imperatives in fa

Government by Design

The Government of Liberia is doing the country a major disservice. Why is the country still being run like an emergency situation? Did we not just celebrate ten years of peace? Is it that the poverty reduction strategies are designed for a future date and time? Is it that they are impractical for transitioning from the present to development? What exactly is the problem here? And when we say the Government of Liberia, we are not just talking about Cabinet Ministers. We are talking about civil servants, too.

The Grocery Business: Why Are Liberians Running Away from Making Money?

We invite anyone to look around Monrovia or any other part of Liberia and figure out what is the most common  Liberian-owned business.  The answer will most likely be cook shops, restaurants and entertainment centers.  The latter, entertainment centers, most probably top the list.  And how much money do such businesses make?  Many last not more than six months to a year and are soon out of business.  Some cook shops and restaurants linger a little longer but only few grow bigger and expand.


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