Daily Observer at 36: To God Be the Glory!

Having lost his father at the age of six, he walked the streets of Monrovia and everywhere else 10 toes on the ground, with sore toes on every foot, every year.

Yet, God had a mission for the impoverished Kenneth Best, but the boy did not know it. He would later—in 1964, a year out of Cuttington, be inspired by a sermon preached by his brother, Canon Burgess Carr, entitled, “I know the plan I have for you—a plan not for evil, but for good—to give you a future and hope.”

Farhat’s Concerns Should Be Taken Seriously

He ran for President in 2005 alright. Why? Nobody knows, for even though he hails from Grand Bassa, he hardly ever lived there, having been raised from childhood by Monrovia’s prominent Luke family.

He got his beginnings in business by selling Mrs. Luke’s cornbread, rice bread, shortbread and other pastries from the Luke’s Broad Street home, where GN Bank is now located. That is how Mrs. Williette Luke helped keep the family going. Her husband, Mr. Henry Luke, was an electrical engineer and one of the pioneers of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

Who Are These Politicians with Guinean Connection That Want to Threaten Our Peace?

One of the fundamental virtues taught both in the Holy Bible and in the Koran is HONESTY.

But it seems that some of our politicians insist on throwing out of the window this principle of honesty. Their blinding and avaricious political ambition has led them to import into Liberia Guinean nationals in order to engage in the ongoing voter registration, in violation of Liberian law.

Fronting: Unpatriotic, Unserious Conduct by Liberians Blocking Our Progress

Let us first define the terminologies. Fronting is taking a bribe from a foreign businessperson to pretend that a business belongs to a Liberian when it does not.

Lack of patriotism means a total lack of love for one’s country and one’s own people, and lack of interest in the country’s progress. The unpatriotic person is purely there for himself or herself—or so that person thinks—and to hell with the country.


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