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(L-r) LPRC MD T. Nelson Williams, II, gives 2014 update, LPRC’s Deputy MD for Administration, Jackson F. Doe, certificates Mr. Musa Bility, CEO, Srimex Enterprise

LPRC Honors Retirees, Major Petroleum Importers

The Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has certificated two Liberian petroleum importers, Srimex Enterprise and Aminata & Sons Incorporated, for being outstanding and the ‘higher’ petroleum importers in the country in 2014.

The Liberian petroleum importers came after that of the French multinational integrated oil and gas company, Total (Liberia), which was also listed as the highest importer of petroleum in the country.

Srimex Enterprise is owned and managed by H. Musa Bility, while Aminata & Sons Incorporated is headed by Siaka Turay.

2014 Year in Review Business and Economy—Part II

During 2014 Liberia’s economic prospects were forecast to improve significantly through the efforts of the Central Bank of Liberia’s Executive Governor, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones. However, things didn’t go as planned even with this intervention from the Governor.
Dr. Jones empowered local Liberian businesses in the 15 counties through the Central Bank loan scheme and also pumped US$ 5 million into the rubber industry, but the deadly Ebola outbreak in March stalled those gains.

Business and Economy Year in Review-Part I

The year 2014 is one of the most challenging years ever for Liberia, particularly the country’s domestic private sector. It was in 2014 that Liberia encountered one of deadliest diseases in human history, the Ebola virus disease (EVD). The EVD has not only claimed the lives of nearly 4,000 people in Liberia, the virus has hurt the economy to the extent that its major functions of the economy have been forced to shut down.

Min. Konneh has assured of economy stability

Assurances of Macroeconomic Stability

The outbreak of the Ebola Virus disease (EVD) has shattered the Liberian economy to an extent that it has made a deep dent in gross domestic product (GDP), while also fueling inflation that is pushing basic necessities further out of the reach of most ordinary Liberians.

Amid these scaring gloomy economic signs, the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) has said that every measure is being put in place to maintain macroeconomic stability, as well as effective management of the economy during this difficult period in Liberia.


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