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Madam Sackie addressing graduates of LIBTAS in the CWA auditorium

Tax Agents Urged to Maintain Integrity, Self-Confidence

The Deputy Commissioner General for technical services of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Madam Dekontee King Sackie, has urged new tax agents, who have joined the Liberia Tax and Business Solutions firm to maintain integrity and self-confidence.

“Self-confidence is the greatest characteristic of success. No cockiness, certainly no conceit, and by no means arrogance,” she admonished.

Dr. J. Mills Jones, Executive Governor of CBL

CBL Urged to Exercise More Caution in Economic Decisions

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has urged the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to exercise more caution in the announcement of measures which have implications on the collective economic targets for sustained national financial viability.

While welcoming the positive impact of the CBL’s decision to mitigate the financial burden of school closure in the private schools by committing to settle the debts owed the commercial banks, President Sirleaf said there was a need to liaise  with other players in the economy.

‘Thank You Again for Passing the Small Business Empowerment Act into Law’—President Sirleaf praising Lawmakers

For Passing Small Business Empowerment Act into Law Ellen Hails Lawmakers

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Monday recognized the efforts of the 53rd national Legislature for passing the Small Business Empowerment Act (SBEA) into law.

Article 58 of the Constitution   mandates the President on the fourth working Monday in January of each year, to present the Administration’s Legislative Program and report to the Legislature on the State of the Republic covering the economic condition including expenditure and income.

CBL Governor, Dr Mills Jones

CBL Gives Update on GOL Fiscal Dev.

The Central Bank of Liberia has reported in its Financial and Economic Bulletin for the period-July to September 2014, that the fiscal operations by the Government of Liberia during the third quarter, 2014, resulted in an overall balance (surplus) of L$678.2 million (0.4 percent of GDP), down from a surplus of L$2,186.2 million (1.3 percent) in the previous quarter.

Compared to the corresponding period in 2013, the surplus rose by L$237.9 million, from L$440.3 million (0.3 percent of GDP).

CBL Governor, Dr. Mills Jones

Key Commodity Prices Decline

As predicated in the preceding quarterly report of the Central Bank as of July 2014, weak external demand for commodities (mainly iron ore and rubber) coupled with the constraints posed by the Ebola virus disease (EVD) drove Liberia’s international trade performance.


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