CHICO’s Swen speaks before declaring the campaign officially open

CHICO-Liberia Sponsors HIV/AIDS Awareness in Salala

The second phase of the campaign on Increasing Community Actions to Prevent HIV/AIDS and Ebola, sponsored by CHICO-Liberia,  was launched yesterday in Salala and Kpal Districts in Bong County.

 The program, at the estimated cost of US$4000, is targeting both young and old of both sexes in Gbarnga, Bong County and Ganta, Nimba County, according to Philip McKay of the Bong County Awareness Program (BOCAP).

 BOCAP is implementing the program and it is expected to educate more than 25,000 people in both counties, McKay said.

Madam Joyce Raines Ogunti poured out the first water from the pump, while elated residents look on

Millsburg Receives First Hand Pump Since 1828

 Residents of Millsburg Township, Lower Montserrado County, were on Sunday, May 10 elated when their efforts to access safe drinking water earned them a hand pump—  the first ever in the Township.

 The hand pump project was headed by Mrs. Joyce Raynes-Ogunti, with assistance from her husband Vahplahn Zeagar-Holman and Ms. Sharon Scott.

GUMH New Administrator Outlines Development Plan

The newly inducted administrator of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital (GUMH), Patrick Mantor, has outlined development plans for his first 100-day deliverables.

 Mr. Mantor made the disclosure recently in a Daily Observer exclusive interview shortly after he took office.

 According to him, his first priority will take into consideration the improvement of the sanitary condition of the hospital in its entirety.

Liberia’s Energy Projects on Course

The Managing Director of Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), Joseph T. Mayah, has disclosed that all of the country’s regional and internal energy projects are still on course in several phases.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer yesterday in Monrovia, Mr. Mayah said the first phase of the Hydro Electric project will be completed in 2016. The project was delayed as a result of the Ebola outbreak which drove many technical experts and partners out of the country causing the project to come to a standstill.


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