Dying Legacies Invoked: Mapping the Significant Roles of Liberia in the International Sphere.

It is with no doubt that a phenomenal progress of mankind still widely embraced is the existence of nation states. Tracing from the West Philia Treaty to present, states have been marked by features which transcend geographic locations and also include superficial tenants like rouge state, weak state, developed state among others.

An Autopsy of the Ruling Party: The Democratic Party’s Reckoning Moment

There is no tougher time in politics than when you lose an election to a “least qualified” candidate who by nearly all conventional calculations you were almost certain to defeat. Two weeks before the election, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (HRC) prospects were exceptionally high. Then, the bleak moment arose. FBI Director James Comey dealt the HRC’s campaign a monumental blow from which it failed to recover.

Trump’s Victory – Lessons Learned when the Improbable Becomes Reality

Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States. The world is stunned. Many people are fearful and doubtful of America’s future and the repercussions. It is an astounding victory, but whether or not Trump will be able to effectively manage the complex system that constitutes the most powerful nation in the world remains to be seen. His words and deeds would be under microscope.

Medical Negligence: Appointing MDs as County Health Officers and Abandoning the Hospitals

As a healthcare professional, one of the biggest practice challenges I continue to face, and might be shared by my peers, is the significant shortage of medical doctors in hospitals. In addition, I have also witnessed a frustrating gap in the absence of formal management and leadership training provided to medical doctors, many of whom, immediately upon graduation from medical school, assume roles as County Health Officers (CHOs) or double as CHOs and hospital personnel. Note that the work of a CHO is highly administrative and does not generally involve clinical practice.


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