Remembering The Quiwonkpa Invasion: The Hunted And The Naked Prey

While throngs of Liberians and residents took to the streets on Tuesday, November 12, 1985, dancing and chanting revolutionary songs and heaping praises on Quiwonkpa and his men, and as total strangers happily hugged each other in the streets as a way of signaling support for the ‘invasion’, very few, if any, of the jubilating crowds were aware of what the real state of play was militarily. In their convivial carnival-like activities on the streets, most of them cared less about what the reality was at that point.


For those who lived through it and survived, including this writer, the day an exiled former junta general led a lightly armed and numerically disadvantaged ‘invading force’ into Monrovia, will go down in infamy. Yes, November 12, 1985 is indeed a date many residents in Monrovia, the epicenter of the political and military volcano that erupted that day, will never forget in a hurry. For some, it brought about high hopes for national renewal; for others, it led to untold suffering and ghoulish bloodletting.

Violence against Women and Girls A Serious Obstacle to Sustainable Development

At long last, there is growing global recognition that violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, public health pandemic and serious obstacle to sustainable development. Yet there is still much more we can and must do to turn this awareness into meaningful prevention and response.

Commencement Address at Leigh-Sherman Community College

Madam President,
Members of the Graduating Classes,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

Once upon a time Theresa Leigh-Sherman had a dream. She gave life to that dream and sculpted it to fill empty spaces within Liberia’s administrative landscape. True to biblical orders, she honored her parents, and named it for two extraordinary public servants: her father, the Honorable T.W. Dupigny-Leigh (a soldier and legislator), and her father-in-law, the Honorable Charles Dunbar Sherman (an economist and finance minister under President William V.S. Tubman).


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