Mount Coffee Project – A Promise Fulfilled

News that Liberia’s much awaited power plant project (Mount Coffee Hydro) destroyed during the civil war has finally been revamped to meet some of the country’s growing demands for energy use is not only a promise fulfilled by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration, but also one of the proudest moments for Liberia since the return of peace almost two decades ago.

Fostering Accountability in the Outsourcing of Liberian Schools

Over the life cycle of the Liberian state, there has been a growing dissatisfaction among certain segments in the society over the poor quality of public service delivery in general. Public service has often been described as unfriendly to customers, slow, hard to improve, and not results-oriented. Now, combined with pressures emerging from fiscal austerity measures, outsourcing has become a prudent remedy in the eyes of some policymakers.

‘Knowledge, Water and Money Can Lift Up Any Heavy Thing’

We are gathered on this exhilarating occasion to witness another of our dreams that was latent and intangible unfold into a tangible reality. Today we can see, we can feel and we can hear the magnetic power and force which will generate electric current throughout a large portion of the country.

Alcoholism: A risky behavior that many Liberian youth are getting accustomed to

Alcohol drinking is becoming a normal behavior in Liberia. Businesses have been diverted from other essential goods to the sale of alcohol. Those beverages are sole at a minimum price to the extent that it is affordable for someone who cannot buy a cup of rice. This risky behavior has grave health and social implications that have been ignored or overlooked by many actors and citizens. As a result, tragic motor accidents have been reported while others accumulate the adverse effects of this substance over time, resulting into early deaths and complications.

Mount Coffee: A Milestone for Liberia

Five years ago, switching on the lights with electricity from the Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant was only a dream. But, after being heavily damaged during the civil war, the Government of Liberia, under President Sirleaf’s leadership, launched an ambitious plan to restore the facility. And now, with support from the U.S. Government and other international partners – including Germany’s KfW, the European Investment Bank, and the Government of Norway – Liberia is turning a dream into a reality.


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