Reckoning to Foster Durable Reconciliation among all Liberians

The election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf situated the nation on the path to democratization. One basic tenet of democracy is the efficiently vetting of state institutions and reorganizing them to become inclusive, transparent, accountable, and hospitable to the needs of all Liberians. Grappling with the progress we have made along the democratization continuum means sober reflections on the past.

Is the government getting it right over the economy?

No! Our government has completely misread the objective conditions of the economy, it has underestimated the enormity of the recession and is yet to understand that the economy is facing the prospects of something unconventional -- stagflation.

There seems to be a broad agreement among our monetary and fiscal executives that our economy is in recession as emphasized by conditions on the markets -- a substantial decrease in economic activities, towering levels of unemployment and surging inflationary rates.


The year 2016 has come and gone, and like many other years, it recorded its happier times and moments of grief for families and societies. It seems the key moments of the year were marred by numbing surprises like Brexit and US 2016 elections; and miseries for humanity and societies as many tragedies were recorded. Some, like the earthquake in Ecuador, and the Zika epidemic among numerous other disasters, were beyond human imaginations. While the disasters may be natural, there are arguments that poor environmental governance has led to human vulnerabilities.

Liberia: Welcoming 2017 with Cautious Optimism

It is always a joyous moment around the world to fortunately witness the ushering in of a brand new year. This is not because everything is perfect or rosy in our world, which may seem a utopia, but it is based on the fact that this marks an unveiling of a novel parcel and a fresh start of a calendar year. For many this is a period of introspection, retrospection, reflection and reformation. Unarguably, the ecstatic twinkling crossover to the New Year is as a consequence of the sustained gift of life, without which all is finished for this earthly journey.

Charles Taylor’s Declaration of War: Twenty Six Years On

The guttural voice at the other end of the telephone line came booming into my landline (mobile telephony phone was still years away). It turned out to be that of one of the most quizzical, almost interrogative broadcast interviewers ever to work for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The last time ace broadcaster of BBC fame Robin White interviewed me, it was to get clarity on the relatively soft story on how the treason case against Doe’s once powerful former Defense Minister Gray D. Allison had been progressing. That was in 1986.


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