Hundreds Stranded, Thirsty at President’s Annual Address

Hundreds of people who gathered on the grounds of the Capitol Building for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s final State of the Nation address on Monday, found themselves confined for more than five hours by security personnel who restricted all those who entered the grounds from going out, even to find water and food.

These people stood in the scorching sun and did not receive even water from the State. Unfortunately there were no water vendors in the entire vicinity and many blamed the lack of water for sale on the tight security measures in the area.

Where Was Technology in President Sirleaf’s Final Annual Message?

It is the constitutional mandate of the President of Liberia to address the National Legislators at the beginning of every year but this year seems to be very different and momentous. It is the last time she would make such an address to the nation as President of the Republic of Liberia. I have always been an admirer of the President as it relates to the way she speaks and her addresses to the nation. I often tell others that she is a very good sales professional.

The Genesis of Liberia (The Struggle for Statehood and Institutional Building) Part II

With the pending general and presidential elections of Liberia in the horizon, amidst massive economic hardships, gross ineptitude within various sectors of the three branches of government, and societal moral lapses—resulting into crimes, poverty, underdevelopment, nepotism, scandals, corruption, and many other vexing issues, I’ve chosen to comparatively reflect in this piece with focus on the first four decades of the formation of Liberia and where we find ourselves today, whilst President Sirleaf declares that her government has done far better for Liberia than any previous governments.

Lack of Regulation Affects Reliability of Commercial Herbal Products in Africa

Fifty years ago, during the “Golden Age” of modern medicine, the use of herbal remedies would have had little chance of being used in Liberia’s primary healthcare system. So strong was the belief in modern medicine’s credo – ‘better living through Chemistry’ – that no responsible person, professional or otherwise, mentioned the word “herbs.”

Today, as the deadly consequences of a modern, artificial civilization are becoming more apparent to both medical professionals and the public at large, natural healing with herbal remedies merits and receives center stage.


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