The concept of dual citizenship in Liberia is both problematic and divisive:

Come January 2018 as President-elect of the Republic of Liberia, that person should be committed to using the bully pulpit of the Executive Mansion to lead a national discussion on the importance of dual-citizenship. Many of our brothers and sisters who have obtained foreign citizenships would hope that our lawmakers would immediately change the law to allow them to fully participate in our elections, and be legally regarded as full citizens of the republic.

After 11 Years, Did Madam President Right the Ship?

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s 2017 Annual Message, in our view, requires a serious analysis through the matrix of Security, Institution, Infrastructure, Democracy, and the Economy (SIIDE). But due to space, we will focus on security as the hallmark for a sustained nation-building process. On this note, we trust our assessment will be very objective and demanding a collective action from the entire citizenry before the October 10th general and presidential elections.


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