What if you could pay your taxes ONLINE and not have to stand IN LINE at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA)? What if you could apply for driver’s license ONLINE and not have to stand IN LINE at the Ministry of Transport? What if you could apply for a job ONLINE by simply uploading and submitting your CV or resume directly to the hiring entity? What if you could anonymously REPORT CORRUPTION or ABUSE online? And what if you could apply for a work PERMIT or PASSPORT while you are in a different country?

A Muslim cleric and elder of Barkedu shakes hands with VP Boakai

I’m Happy That We Can Shake Hands Again

Vice President Joseph Boakai has expressed joy that Liberians are once more able to do their traditional handshake.
The famous Liberian handshake resumed immediately following the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday, May 9, that Liberia is now Ebola virus transmission free.

Automate Your Human Resource Management Processes With OrangeHRM Software: It's Free And It's Open Source

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article questioning the purpose of having an IT department when none of your entity’s business processes are automated. I referred to an IT department that doesn’t administer any automated processes or mission-critical applications as a “large Internet Café.” Sometime last week, I met with a friend, who is also a government official. He asked about process automation and pointed out that he would like to start with the personnel department which falls under his purview.


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