The Importance of the Land Rights Bill to Liberia’s Land Reform Part II (Land Ownership)

The Land Rights Bill is a proposed law currently before the Legislature for review. The Bill seeks to establish authentic procedures and well organized processes for land acquisition, use, management and administration in Liberia.

Purpose of the draft Land Rights Bill
The Land Rights Bill highlights several key issues relevant to the holistic reformation of Liberia’s land sector. One of such is Land Ownership.

LET'S LECTURE: Liberia's Dual Currency Conundrum

Liberia allows the use of two currencies for financial transactions: the Liberian dollar and the US dollar. For 40 years from 1944 it was not a problem because the Liberian dollar was on par with the US dollar. One Liberian dollar was equivalent to one US dollar. Then in 1983, military Head of State Samuel Doe introduced a Liberian five dollar coin, and that's when the Liberian dollar started depreciating. During the civil war paper currency was added to the mix, resulting in further depreciation.

LET'S LECTURE: Devolution of Power to Local Government - Part 2

The Governance Commission and Ministry of Internal Affairs are conducting a "de-concentration" initiative. The goal of de-concentration is to enable residents outside Monrovia to access certain services at a county or regional center, rather than having to come all the way to Monrovia. In June, one such center was established in Buchanan, and it is issuing business registration certificates, adjudicating labour cases.

LET'S LECTURE: Devolution of Power to Local Government - Part 1

Over the past ten years there has been a lot of discussion about transferring power from the central government in Monrovia to our political sub-divisions---counties, statutory districts and cities. Gallons of ink have gone into papers, countless amounts of money into workshops and seminars. Yet we do not appear to be any closer to getting the job done than we were a decade ago, so painfully slow has been the process.

The Importance of the Proposed Land Rights Act to Liberia’s Land Reform Agenda (Part I)

A number of things are happening in Liberia, including policy and law reform aimed at driving the development agenda of the country.
One of such reform is the drafting of the Land Rights Bill by the Land Commission in 2014.

The Land Rights Bill was born out of the Land Rights Policy and seeks to put in place appropriate systems and requisite control measures for a more suitable way of acquiring land in Liberia..


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