Mr. Fumbah wants strong unity between Finance and CBL administrators

To Stabilize the Market Finance, CBL Must Collaborate

Former Deputy Finance Minister for Expenditure &Debt Management Arthur Fumbah has called for a stronger collaboration between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to stabilize the economy. Speaking exclusively to our business desk on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Mr.

Minister of Commerce & Industry, Axel Addy, Chief Regulator of prices on the Liberian market (left), Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Governor J. Mills Jones, custodian of foreign exchange regulator (right)

Exchange Rate Soars: L$86 to US$1

As the exchange rate of the US dollar skyrockets against the weak Liberian dollar, prices of imported and locally produced commodities have gone through the roof in the country.

From all indications in governmental circles, there seems to be no practical solution to the escalating exchange rate, which is climbing daily.

Foreign exchange bureau operators in Monrovia Wednesday, January 8, told the Daily Observer the buying rate of the US dollar now stands at LD$88 to 89 to US$1.

Mr. Eddie K. Weah, Commercial photographer

Commercial Photographer’s Appeal for Gov’t Loan Scheme


Commercial photographers in the country are appealing to the government through the Central Bank of Liberia to provide a small loan scheme them, especially for those that are engaged in buttressing the Liberian economy.

Speaking to our Business desk yesterday, Eddie K. Weah, a photographer, said that commercial photography is a good business to engage in for Liberia.

According to him, photographers need help from the national government to be empowered financially.

 “Photography is a good business that helps to build the country’s economy,” he indicated.

SSF Entrepreneur Chief Executive Officer ‘We are Committed to Quality Service’

SSF Construction Company Rejects Bankruptcy Claims


In a strongly-worded press statement issued on Monday, SSF Entrepreneur Incorporated has out-rightly rejected claims---by what the entity calls ‘unscrupulous individuals---that the company has gone bankrupt.’

The statement added that claims by such individuals that the company can longer honor its contractual obligations and responsibilities are indeed far from the truth.


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