Pythons, Oilers in Big 4

Liberia’s basketball giants, NPA ‘Deadly’ Pythons and LRPC Oilers have qualified for the semi-finals of the national basketball league, known as the Big 4, reports Leroy M. Sonpon, lll.

On Sunday the rivals signed up their already routine seats in the ongoing basketball championship at the open-air Sports Commission on Broad Street.

Pythons got their automatic qualification when they symbolically bounced the ball to net 20 points to indicate forfeit points from Barnersville Celtic, while Oilers whipped Timber Wolves 72-66 points.

Liberian Noah Vonleh will play for a team in the American National Basketball Association (NBA) if selected in June

18-Year-Old Liberian Eyes NBA Draft

Eighteen-year-old Noah Vonleh’s dream of playing in the NBA will be under scrutiny when the 2014 Draft Combine opens on Thursday in Chicago.

American-born Vonleh is the son of Ms. Rennel Vonleh who moved to Massachusetts from Liberia in 1994 after spending some time in the neighbouring Ivory Coast.

He is one of the candidates willing to showcase their athletic abilities to executives, scouts, coaches and doctors.

Snapshot from the Mighty Barrolle and Bardnersville Celtics’ game at the open-air Sports Commission on Broad Street

Barrolle, Oilers Swell Chances in Basketball Championship

Mighty Barrolle, on Wednesday increases their chances for winning the 2014 Basketball Championship, when she thumped Barnersville Celtic, 71-62 points, reports Leroy M. Sonpon, lll.

The Rollers, in the first quarter, bowed to Barnersville Celtics 19-15 points, but led the remaining three quarters; 33-30, 47-35 and 71-62 points.

Wednesday’s game was rescheduled from Saturday, May 3 because of the rain.

Raphael Quaye (far right), with other graduates

Lone Star B’ball Skipper Earns CPA Degree

The captain and guard of former basketball champions, NPA Pythons, Raphael M. Quaye, who is also the captain of Lone Star has graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, earning a Certified Public Accountant degree.

The basketball icon, 38, graduated on Saturday, April 12, 2014 in Accra, Ghana.

Quaye would be admitted as a member of the CA in September-2014 after a completion of a three-day induction course.

The wet floor of the gym at Broad Street’s Sports Commission

Rain Upsets Basketball League

There were mixed feelings when female runner-up C-Delta withdrew from the national basketball league arguing that the Rufus Anderson’s leadership unfairly kicked-off the championship during the already rainy season.

C-Delta’s manger and captain Eddie Panton and Claudia George said the team’s withdrawal was to avoid spending unnecessarily knowingly that the league would impose some logistical and financial challenges because of the rains.

The 2014 basketball league began on April 2 at the heel of the rainy season, after months delay.


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