20 Students Poised to Compete in ‘Dunking and 3 Points’ Tourney

The suspension of basketball in the country since the outbreak of the Ebola has caused drought to passionate basketball fans for about year, but probably in the eve of Liberia’s 168th independence celebrations 20 players are poised to battle in the first ‘Inter High School Dunking and Three points Competition.’

‘Dunking and 3 Points’ Inter-High School Competition Underway

Monrovia is expected to witness for the first time since the 1980s, high school slam dunkers and sharpshooters (three pointers) in a lively and elaborate First Annual Inter High School’s Dunking and Three points Competition.

The competition, according to the organizer - Calvin Diggs, is set for Saturday, July 25 at the Monrovia YMCA’s gym on Crown Hill.

Over 20 senior high schools in central Monrovia, Paynesville, Somalia Drive and Bushrod Island are expected to participate in the inaugural tourney.

Deputy Sports Minister Yonton and newly confirmed Chairman of the Basketball’s election commission, Borsay

Basketball Election Commission Confirmed

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has confirmed the nomination of a three-member Election Commission to guide the association to the ballot after six months of constitutional crisis.

Deputy Sports Minister Henry Yonton, Jr said the confirmation of the nominations was finalized on Tuesday after a meeting with the Sports Bureau and consultation with the Youth and Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, as per the agreement of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the aggrieved stakeholders and the leadership of the LBA.

action in the Haywood Mission vs. AM Fofana exciting match

High School Basketball Thrill Fans at YMCA

In an impressive display of skill and cleverness, basketball fans were thrilled to an afternoon of high school game at the YMCA gymnasium on Broad Street, Monrovia.

Playing with strength, speed and drills, Haywood Mission basketball team, led by Salim Kamara played ball to the cheers of many at the gymnasium.

Their opponents were A. M. Fofana High School. The game was interspersed with thrills and drew much applause from the packed crowd of students.

Partial view of the Sports Commission and the President of the Liberia Basketball Association Rufus Anderson

Anderson 100% Sure of Winning August 7 Election

The embattled President of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) said he is confident of winning the August 7 election in spite of the misunderstanding between his leadership and some aggrieved stakeholders over the “legitimacy and expiration of tenure” of his administration.

Mr. Anderson confirmed the certainty in the pending election which has been suspended four different times. He said as his statutory duty as the head of basketball, he is carrying out renovation of the Sports Commission that will last two weeks.


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