18 for Desert Warriors Basketball Tourney

Eighteen male and female basketball teams are expected to battle in a three-day basketball tournament at the Ford Maden Christian Academy (FMCA) gym on Smythe Road, Old Road Community.

The tournament is expected to bring 2nd, 3rd and female basketball teams, who are registered members of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA), from Friday, August 21 to Sunday, August 23, at 12pm.

The Desert Warrior Association organized the 3-day games is to reawake the spirit of basketball which is yet to be revived since the outbreak of the Ebola and the leadership crisis at the LBA.

Rufus Anderson and Calvin Diggs

Basketball ‘Controversial’ Bond Hearing Postponed

A hearing that was intended to argue the merit or demerit of a US$100,000 bond filed on behalf of Rufus Anderson was yesterday postponed by the Civil Law Court, at the Temple of Justice.

Anderson is the current president of the Liberia National Basketball Association (LNBA).

The postponement by Judge Yussif Kaba came immediately after lawyers representing Anderson’s party openly told the court that they were not ready to proceed with the matter.

“Since the complainant interposed objection to the request, the matter is hereby suspended,” Judge Kaba ruled.

Liberian basketball president Rufus Anderson and Calvin Diggs, a member of aggrieved stakeholders

Basketball in Seesaw Petitions!

After the injunction restraining order filed on the Liberia Basketball Association two days congress, which was to begin on Friday, August 7, the Rufus Anderson’s leadership overturned the petition.

Reports said the Aggrieved Stakeholders’ bond for their petition valued about US$50,000 but the Anderson leadership upturned it with a bond of US$100,000.

Liberian basketball president Rufus Anderson and Calvin Diggs, a member of aggrieved stakeholders

Basketball Closing, Election Saturday

The fight for a constituted leadership against the establishment of an interim headship of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) is gradually closing in with a reassurance of holding a 2-day elective congress, scheduled this weekend.

The Chairman of the Basketball Election Commission, Yanqueh Borsay, announced that a set of six persons have registered for the August 8 elections, which would be held at the Sports Commission on Broad Street.

Founder & CEO Diana E. Davis speaks at the occasion and right is Master Hansley in a jubilant mood after cutting the sod to declare the court officially open

Diana E. Davis Dedicates U$8,000 Basketball Court

A multi-purpose basketball court was last Friday dedicated at the campus of the Diana E. Davis Elementary & Senior High School in Brewerville, Monrovia.

At an overview before the dedication, Madam Dina E. Davis, founder and chief executive officer of the school, said it was through the goodwill of the school’s board of directors and friends that the multi-purpose basketball court, valued at about U$8,000 was completed.


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